Sustainable Comfort

Sustainability and Comfort are two different words and in many publications often seen as competing concepts. One cannot go with the other… We will prove that they CAN go together.

Last year (2022) we replaced an old gas heating system by 2 heat pumps at our Italian CASA, which was built in 1750 as a monastery. These 2 heat pumps (Nibe F2120 of 16 kw each) deliver the hot water for the house (900 l boiler) and should also provide central heating for the house.

The hot water works very well, but not the central heating as the house only has radiators and no floor heating. The water temperature of 55⁰C is not enough for the current radiators.

Another challenge is the summer period (August and first half of September). It can get warm inside as the construction of the building is old and the roof is not isolated. Every room has its own fan, which helps a little, but not enough.

Only at the end of last summer we found out that our heat pumps are not only good in heating but can also create cool water very well. We did a cold water test which was very successful, unfortunately we had a lot of condensation on all the radiators and metal pipes….

A new project was born. Not only being Carbon neutral but also provide Comfort without impacting the environment and keeping our traditional house style.

We are going to install 6kw additional solar panels incl. 15 kw batteries. Starting with 5 different rooms we will install Fan Coil units (airco’s) for cooling in summer and heating in winter. The units have a fan which makes the heating and cooling of the rooms much more efficient (faster). With the new batteries we will be able to use the solar energy in summer not only for hot water but also for cooling the house.

So sustainable and also comfort…..

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