Apartment 3 – garden view

This apartment is the smallest apartment with a view of the garden, mountains and farmlands. In the distance you can even see Casale Marittimo. The apartment has 2 bedrooms. In the master bedroom a bathroom with shower and bath. The kitchen is also located in the second bedroom. This room has an area of 26m2. …


Extra services:

Shuttle Bolgheri train station

Pick-up or return service to the nearby Bolgheri train station for max. 3 persons incl. luggage

Price: 7.50 / Once / Per Accommodation

Shuttle Pisa airport

Pick-up or return service for the Pisa airport for max. 3 persons incl. luggage (distance 70 km)

Price: 100 / Once / Per Accommodation


Coffee or Tea Fruit Juice Egg Yogurt Bread and spreads

Price: 7.50 / Per Day / Per Guest

TV Room

Price: 10 / Per Day / Per Accommodation