Benvenuti in casa nostra!

We are happy to welcome you in our beautiful and historic building and former monastery! We wish you a lot of holiday fun and hope that you treat the house and the surrounding area with as much respect as we do. To get into the Tuscan spheres, we have this welcome package for you.  Enjoy it and buena vacanza!

On arrival:

The beds are made for you and on the beds your towel packs are ready. In the kitchen are 2 tea towels, 2 kitchen towels and 2 dishcloths. It is not allowed to take the bed linen and other bedding outside. Also moving beds is not allowed.

In the information folder you will find a lot of useful information about the house and its surroundings.

On departure:

The house must be broom clean on departure.

What else do we ask of you?
* leave dishes clean in the cupboard, dishwasher empty

* lamps off and fridge empty and clean, this money also for all other appliances (oven, barbecue racks, etc.)

* deposit household waste in the appropriate containers in the area

* leave the house broom clean

We would like to hear from you how you experienced your stay. Any useful tips or discovered good restaurants? We’d love to hear from you!

During the stay:

Indoor furniture must also remain inside the house, please let chairs etc. in.

Retract sunscreen or parasol (if any) in the case of strong wind and rain.

Dishwasher/ Bin should be empty before departure, as well as the refrigerator.

Empty bottles/waste; Containers for your garbage can be found in many places along the roads. In Italy, separate waste is: like to dispose of glass, paper, plastic and tin, waste in the right containers.

Have you made any damage or breakage, be so neat and report it to us.

The large BBQ outside can be used. Wood is for sale in the area.

Hanging garlands by means of adhesive tape, tape, double-sided adhesive tape, nails, pushpins, etc. is not allowed.

If the house rules are not complied with, we reserve the right to settle any costs resulting from this, in whole or in part via the deposit.

But above all we wish you a very pleasant stay in our house.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

If there are any defects or problems during your stay, please let us know immediately so that we can do something about it immediately.


The water from the tap comes from its own source and is drinkable

Coffee filters are provided. They are difficult to obtain in Italy

Bedding and towels for home are provided. Bad sheets don’t. It can be delivered on request.

Dogs are allowed. €35 per week

Smoking inside is not allowed

In Italy there is separate waste: paper, glass, plastic/tin and beverage packs, residual waste. You can deposit these in the appropriate bins. On the corner, you can dispose of this separate waste. These waste containers are also located in many other places.

Make sure that you do not leave food, but always close and store them well. You are in the countryside and mice are quickly inside!

The rooms on the sunny side of the house have air conditioning. The air conditioners are controlled by 2 heat pumps that operate during hours of sunshine (using energy from solar panels). In general, they are in operation in the afternoon until 6 pm. Longer operating times are possible at an additional cost (electrical energy).