For questions about how devices work, you can always call us on +31 653807461 or send an email to [email protected]


The tv is located in the relaxation room downstairs (living room 2). It is a 55 inch LG smart TV with satellite TV. All free channels of the Astra 1 satellite can be selected. These are mainly German, Swiss, Austrian and English channels (e.g. BBC World = 318). Unfortunately, there are no Dutch free channels. Alternatively, npo’s app can be used (however, only the broadcast feature is missed). You can always connect your smart phone or tablet to the TV. However, this can only be done with Bluetooth, the internal network is not approachable. See user manual (connecting other devices chapter for details).

The TV has a ‘magic’ remote control that also has a mouse function (on-screen italics). If you shake the magic remote control left and right or turn the wheel while pointing the remote control at the TV, a pointer will appear on your beed screen. When you move the remote control, the pointer tracks your movement. See the user manual via the link below for further details of this TV. Be careful with the Netflix function (red arrow). You need to use your own account for this. Don’t forget to log out again at the end of the rental period. The blue arrow points to the button that activates the remote control for the TV and allows you to open the home dashboard.

Link to User Manual LG55UN74006LB

The Washing Machines

Both washing machines. There is no dryer, but it is not necessary. There are plenty of washing lines and pegs outside and in the summer the laundry dries very quickly due to the sun and wind. The left washing machine has a capacity of 9 kg and the right 8 kg. The on/off button is located at the top right of the control panel. Below is the start / pause button. Both washing machines measure the weight of the laundry and adjust the program accordingly. Pay attention! A program with a full washing machine can take more than 3 hours. There is an A4 paper on the washing machines with a short description of the programs. After use, please turn off the washing machine completely with the On/Off button!!

The electricity

Electricity in Italy is not the same as in the Netherlands. In our country, all the pipes are underground. The electricity for Podere Campo alle Serpi is supplied above ground (outside you can see the poles, to the left of the pool). The house has a 3 phase connection so that there are 2 main fuses. The first main fuse is in kitchen 1 on the left side of the cabinet that is next to the refrigerator. The second main fuse is located in kitchen 2 on the right next to the outside door. In severe weather, the electricity may fail. First check that the fuse in kitchen 1 is switched off. If so, turn these back on. If not, check the fuse in kitchen 2 and turn it back on.


Podere Campo alle Serpi is located in a remote area and there is no fixed Internet connection (cable, fiber optic or adsl). The internet is via a mobile dish connection (FWA 3G). The connection is 20 MB, so don’t expect to be able to watch youtube videos at the same time…. The router is on top of the refrigerator in kitchen 1. It can happen that the internet connection is lost (it is a remote area). However, if this takes too long, check the router. The rightmost LED indicates the internet connection and it must be blue. If it is red, turn off the router for 10 sec and turn it back on.


Podere Campo alle Serpi is a villa with very thick walls. This has a bad impact on the Wi-Fi range. That is why we have purchased a Wifi system that is specifically intended for houses with thick walls. In the house there are several satellites that take care of the Wifi. The places are chosen in such a way that there is good range everywhere in the house. So don’t move these Wifi satellites!! The Wifi does not have a password. The internal network is locked down and therefore cannot be used. The Wifi name is campoalleserpi.